writer - Be a Writer

Hello and welcome to Tactic Project! As you may know, we are a Wisconsin based publication which aims to continuously tackle three particular topics: news, weather, and science. As you may realize, these topics are quite expansive and are often coming up with newer and newer topics of discourse on any given day.

This, naturally, means that there are times where our writing staff seems to come up a tad short in keeping up with the relevant and freshest discussions. This is why we have completely decided to open up our recruitment drive for more writers!

Practice Your Craft

Anyone who dreams of becoming a journalist, a writer, or any sort of field that related to typing down words and expressing their ideas cohesively will need to put in as much practice as they can. If you choose to write for us, you’ll be getting a lot of assignments to suitably practice your craft to your heart’s content.

Get Your Words Published

For anyone who is aiming to be a published writer one day or to be part of a larger publication, it is quite important to have officially published samples to speak for your writing style and the work you’ve put in through the years.

For any and all interested parties, you can send in any questions or start your application by giving us a call through our official office number: 608-842-6146. We certainly hope to hear from interested applicants soon. Let’s all work together to provide information that everyone surely needs.