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The topic of political refugees has always been highly divisive. Today, we wanted to dive in a bit deeper and discuss why the EU in general says that it cannot keep accepting refugees. For context, countries in Europe like Italy have accepted nearly 700,000 migrants and refugees who have been seeking a safer place to live.

If we base this solely on emotion, of course it would seem like accepting refugees and political migrants would be highly acceptable. If, however, we take a look at it from a different point of view—predominately, the EUs—it would also make sense why they say they can’t keep accepting them.

Here are a few key issues:


National security is always one of the biggest concerns of countries which have opened their borders to accept refugees. There have been a lot of echoed concerns regarding the breech that occurs by members of radicalized terrorists groups which have been posing as refugees.

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This isn’t just paranoia. This is something that has been a known occurrence all over the world. So it is only natural that the EU nations are highly concerned about the refugees that they accept. A lot of people tend to suggest background checks. However, as the refugees pour in by the thousands, there is no realistic measure to sufficiently process all of them in a swift amount of time.


Resources have always played a part in the primary concern of countries which accept refugees. All these nations have longstanding issues with their own citizens. They struggle with economical issues, weather related incidents, and somehow manage to come short in protecting their own.

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Now, they have the added responsibility in providing ethical and humane housing or encampments for thousands of people. Nations now need to contend with providing food, medical care, and so many other things that they have trouble providing for their own citizens. Naturally, this will cause a divide.

There are a lot of other issues which affect the whole discussion of refuges in the EU. There are a lot of nations like France, Spain, and even England which are all trying to emphasize that they can no longer realistically keep accepting refugees. Only time will tell what the final result of this whole debacle shall be.