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Of Science and Weather: Why Is Further Research Always Needed?

In the field of weather, everything is reliant upon research. The thing is, people tend to roll their eyes at the concept of FRIN (further research is needed). Today, we wanted to tackle this and clear a bit of the air. In the past few years, there have been significant changes in our weather.

Winters have been longer, summers have been a lot warmer, rainy season suddenly comes and goes, and most of all, the storms have been unnaturally stronger. A lot of experts tend to point towards global warming as the reason for all this abnormal weather that we have been having. However, there are still—to many—no definitive proof regarding this issue.

So in order to clear this up, there is one that that is truly needed: further research.

circle - Of Science and Weather: Why Is Further Research Always Needed?

In light of this, we wanted to talk about why further research is always needed for anything that pertains to meteorological events. Here are a few good reasons:


In the realms of both science and weather, proof is often important. This tends to come in the form of experiments and logs that are both written and in video form. In the world of today, the idea of “pictures or it didn’t happen” is quite strong.

If any scientist wants to make some sort of headway in proving their theories and conjectures, they will need to have proof for it. In order to obtain that proof, further research is quite important. Doing more readings, consulting with other experts or researchers, is always a good way to get closer toward the proof that you need.

Definitive Conclusion

All research and experiments are conducted to reach a desired ending: a definitive conclusion. As there are always a lot of critics and those that try to present an alternative theory to counteract what you’ve been trying to prove. This is something that is innately great and rather frustrating about the field of science and weather.

Everything is generally great until you’re trying to publish a study that goes against someone else’s. In order to present a pretty airtight argument and support your definitive conclusion, it is always good to go through considerable more research.

More research is always good when you’re trying to provide information that can potentially save lives. Think about Twister and the whole point that the meteorologists were trying to achieve. They wanted to find both proof and a definitive conclusion towards twisters and help save lives. People in the fields of science and weather can affect lives with the conclusion of their additional research.

We want to know what you think about it! Why do you think further research is often needed and is completely necessary?

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