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Hello and welcome to Tactic Project! As you may know, we are a publication which dedicates itself to three core topics: News, Weather, and Science. Those topics might be quite vast which is why it is quite important to have sources which can be used to validate or countercheck certain topics or ideas.

Through the years of our own experiences, we’ve come to rely on certain resources. We hope that they’ll be useful for you as well. Here they are:

European Commission

If you’re seeking information about Europe and pertinent information about the goings-on like news, updates, and scientific endeavors, this is a resource that you will want to familiarize yourself with. They publish their content as it occurs so you can be sure that the information you get is fresh and relevant to the times.

With weather being one of our core topics, it is critical that we have a resource that is both reliable and relevant. This site is certainly both of those things. Our planetary weather is no longer following the same schedules as they used to around 10 years ago. This is why it is highly important that you have a site that you can go to in order to find out what sort of weather you will be expecting in the future.

If you happen to have any resources that you make use of, feel free to share them with us. You can always get in touch with your staff through our number: 608-842-6146.