TACTIC (Tools, methods And training for CommuniTIes and society to better prepare for a Crisis) aims to increase preparedness to large-scale and cross-border disasters amongst communities and societies in Europe. Throughout its two-year duration (May 2014 – April 2016), TACTIC will analyse risk perceptions and behaviour to identify pathways from risk perception to preparedness, and will develop a preparedness self-assessment that communities can use to assess how prepared they are for different types of crises. Additionally, TACTIC will focus on identifying and categorising good practices of communication and education practices for preparedness. The self-assessment, communication and education practices will be discussed and analysed with stakeholders in a series of workshops as part of TACTIC’s case studies on four types of crises: terrorism, floods, epidemics, and earthquakes. Subsequently, a long-term learning framework for improving community preparedness to a range of crisis situations will be developed. All of TACTIC’s outputs will be presented in a web-based platform.