Trilateral present on TACTIC at the European Conference on Social Media –ECSM 2015

On 9 and 10 July 2015, Trilateral Research & Consulting participated in the 2nd European Conference on Social Media (ECSM 2015) held in Porto, Portugal. The conference brought together approximately 140 researchers and practitioners from across Europe and beyond with participants coming from as far afield as Australia, the United States, Malaysia, South Africa, India and Japan.

Prior to the official start of the conference, Trilateral participated in the Qualitative Research Seminar to remain up-to-date with the latest in qualitative methods. The Seminar provided a useful overview of designing a qualitative research study including considerations related to research questions and methods, case studies and data analysis. The conference itself included several keynote presentations, presentation streams and a poster session. In order to cater to the conference’s participants from diverse disciplines, the streams included the use of social media related to crisis management, business and education. The crisis management streams that were particularly relevant to TACTIC included presentations on “Social Media during Crisis” and “Social Media and Public Safety”, which provided Trilateral with the opportunity to learn more about fellow EC projects, EmerGent and Athena. TACTIC was presented during the poster session, where conference participants viewed the TACTIC poster that Trilateral had produced based on their paper “Social media: a paradox for increasing European community preparedness”. During the poster session, Trilateral engaged with the conference’s participants and answered their questions concerning TACTIC and the project’s next steps. Participants were particularly interested in finding out more about the complexity of preparing communities for terrorism using social media,  particularly in comparison to the other hazards (flooding, earthquakes, epidemics/pandemics) that TACTIC focuses on.    

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