Trilateral present on TACTIC at the Training Exercises for Disaster Resilience Conference

On 17th July 2015, Trilateral Research participated in the Training Exercises for Disaster Resilience Conference hosted by The Centre for Disaster Management & Hazards Research at Coventry University. The conference brought together approximately 50 experts in disaster management from across Europe.

Trilateral attended the second day of the conference and had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations on:

  • A disaster education programme for school children in Japan
  • Community resilience and crime in Kenya
  • Public volcanic risk perceptions in St. Vincent
  • Seveso III and community resilience
  • Disaster risk reduction in the classroom in Indonesia
  • The use of exercises to enhance learning

In addition, Trilateral presented on the TACTIC project and the TACTIC Online Self-Assessment platform (TOSAP), which presents the projects outputs and findings. Conference participants were provided with background information on the project, and the processes used to design, develop and test the TOSAP. In designing the TOSAP, TACTIC’s four case studies on preparedness for terrorism, floods, epidemics and earthquakes were used to gather requirements for the platform such as an adjustable font size and the ability to provide information in multiple languages. The TOSAP was then developed using the Learning Management System Moodle and tested during workshops held as part of TACTIC’s four case studies. During the workshops, feedback was collected from potential users (non-governmental organisations, emergency services personnel, media, community representatives and businesses) which is currently being used to further develop and refine the TOSAP. Participants were interested to hear more about the second workshops that are being held to validate the TOSAP and to learn more about its sustainability once the project has ended.   

A copy of Trilateral's presentation can be found here.

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