TACTIC’s first project briefing paper is now available

Last week Trilateral Research submitted TACTIC’s first project briefing paper, which is now available here. The briefing paper presents an easy-to-read overview of the progress and preliminary findings of the first 14 months of the project. The paper first introduces TACTIC’s aims and objectives and structure, before moving on to outline the various Work Packages (WPs) that comprise the project including:

WP1: RISK PERCEPTION AND PREPAREDNESS – defining preparedness and examining the factors that influence how a person perceives risk.

WP2: THE SELF-ASSESSMENTS – a participatory multi-hazard community preparedness self-assessment which enables communities to assess and increase their preparedness.

WP3: TACTIC’s LIBRARY OF GOOD PRACTICES – a library including examples of communication and education practices (e.g., brochures and films).

WPs 4-7: THE FOUR CASE STUDIES – focus on a different hazards (terrorism, floods, epidemics and earthquakes) and are used to collaboratively develop the self-assessments, the library of good practices and the online platform

WPs 8 & 9: LOOKING AHEAD: THE LONG-TERM LEARNING FRAMEMORK & ONLINE PLATFORM – brings together the findings of WPs 1-7. The learning framework provides a stepwise framework for improving community preparedness, whilst the online platform links the self-assessments and the library of good practices, and presents the long-term learning framework.

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