Northumbria University host second workshop on epidemic preparedness

Northumbria University joined up with the Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association (CNWA) to host TACTIC’s second workshop on epidemic preparedness during the annual meeting of CNWA on 14 November 2015. Local speakers included Lorrainne Smyth, Chief Executive of Action for Communities in Cumbria; Valerie Ayre, Senior Emergency Planning Officer with the Resilience Unit of Cumbria County Council and Michelle Skeer, Deputy Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary. Richard Rhodes, Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner closed the event and the High Sheriff of Cumbria, S A M Raynor esq, presented the High Sheriff's Shield. Presentations by Prof. Maureen Fordham and Dr. Cheney Shreve of the TACTIC project focused on the objectives and progress of the TACTIC project to-date, the self-assessment tools, good practices library. A presentation on linking preparedness and resilience viewed through the lens of the recent European disaster resilience project emBRACE ( was given by Dr. Hugh Deeming. There were more than 30 workshop participants, including volunteers and leaders in local community and faith based organizations, CNWA members, and local authorities. TACTIC's objectives during the workshop were to gain feedback on progress of the online self-assessment tools and a better understanding of fit and the needs of users. Presentations and small group discussions were used to gain feedback to continue improving TACTIC's tools. We are grateful to participants for their feedback and it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Cumbria community.